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Meet Dr. Smita Parikh

Dr. Parikh is no stranger to infertility. She struggled with it for several years and explored both numerous natural and medical treatments to get pregnant. She understands firsthand how devastating it can be to lose your warm, compassionate and caring self during this process. But she knows that this experience doesn’t have to define you and she provides you with specific step-by-step strategies that have been rigorously fine-tuned to help you find your true self and regain control of your journey so that you have a life you love again.

As soon as we started talking on the phone I immediately loved her.  You feel like you're talking to a super smart, close friend.  She doesn't scare you with medical terms that you can't understand, everything that she said I understood.  Right off the bat I started taking notes & one of the first things she said to me was "don't worry about taking notes, I will send you an overview of everything we discuss".  She had already won me over!  The information was given in a very organized fashion.  She went from her story, to my story, then to different supplements I could try, other alternative treatments, diet, exercise, & stress levels.  Her entire presentation of information transitioned very well.  Her goals were clear, she wants to educate her patients and be a reliable resource to them and she accomplishes that very well.  


Overall, I was very pleased with the information that I received from Smita.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is going through the infertility process.  Even if you are happy with your doctor and the way the process is going, I guarantee she will have some suggestions that your doctor hasn't told you.  If you are an IVF patient or considering IVF then I would recommend her even more because she has been through it and has been successful.  Remember, she's Dr. Smita Parikh so she really knows her stuff."

- Elena Ridley, Baby Ridley Bump Blog

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