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A roundup of my favorite stress busting youtube videos to refresh and relax your mind & body

So you know how everyone is telling you to “just relax” about getting pregnant? Unfortunately, as irritating as it is when someone says that, there is some truth to the statement.

I won’t get too technical on you, but essentially, when your body is in a prolonged state of stress, you release hormones called cortisol and adrenalin, that can ultimately effect the release and functioning of your reproductive hormones and may lead to decreased sperm production or issues with ovulation.

Most fertility experts agree that reducing your stress is important. But we all know that making that a priority is not easy. To get you started, I’ve complied a list of some of my favorite stress busting videos. These are just a few suggestions so if you don’t like them, there are plenty more out there to explore. The bottom line is that you should do whatever you feel helps you relax and refresh your mind, body, and spirit. If that means going to a kick boxing class and punching the living daylights out of a bag, then do it. If it means treating yourself to a massage once a month, do it. It really doesn’t matter what it is – what matters is that you actually make time to go and do it.

I know you are busy. We all are. But just like you brush your teeth everyday (or atleast I hope you do), you have got to make it a priority to do something for yourself everyday. And, if you can do a little bit everyday, you will stay ahead of the game and prevent yourself from going into chronic stress mode. This is your chance to regain a sense of control over your fertility process.

Please check out the videos below and let me know what you like or if you have any others to suggest!

Yoga with Adriene I just love this lady (My hubby is actually the one who introduced me to her videos). She’s down to earth, funny, and easy to follow along with. She also has a few 30 day yoga challenge so if you are new to practicing yoga this is a great place to start.

Meditation oasis You know all those nights you stay awake being consumed by thoughts about your fertility? Guided meditations are a wonderful way to give yourself a break from all of that. I personally enjoy doing their meditations right before bedtime and you and your partner can even do them together as you fall asleep. Additionally, their website ( has over 50 meditations you can try and it's all FREE so check them out!

Ho'oponopono meditation Ok I know you're thinking that's a typo but it's not. It is an ancient Haiwaiian prayer/mediation about self forgiveness. At first you may find this a bit odd, but please be open to it. I found it really challenged me to think of my limiting beliefs about my fertility and came to realize that I had the power to change those thoughts and forgive myself for having them. Try it. It's different from a typical guided meditation but its very soothing and easy to do everyday. The first video has more of a description of what the meditation is and the second video has the song that you can listen to daily.

I hope you take the time to check these videos out and begin your new path to refreshing your mind and body today!

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