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Change your thoughts, change your world

When I was struggling to get pregnant, I found myself in a downward spiral of negative self talk.

"I will never get pregnant"

"My eggs must be crappy"

"It's all my fault"

"I don't deserve this"

"Everyone around me gets pregnant easily, but not me"

The list went on and on, and lets face it, I definitely said things about myself/situation that were much worse than what I wrote above. When you're in it, its hard not to. You really beat yourself up. It can feel like you have zero control over this process and unfortunately, this leads to a very negative self image.

But, if you take a step back and imagine a girlfriend or your sister saying those negative statements about herself, would you think that was okay? Probably not. Instead, you would likely tell her all of the wonderful and positive things about her to help her see that the things she is saying to herself, really aren't her reality.

And that's the key point. Our thoughts and our perceptions make our reality.

If you think you are in a shitty situation, then you are in a shitty situation.

If you think you don't deserve to get pregnant, then you don't deserve to get pregnant.

If you think your eggs are too old, then your eggs are too old.

Its really quite simple. The best part is that YOU have the power to change those negative thoughts right now and that's how you change your reality.

So, the concept is simple...but it takes work and lots and lots of practice. Conscious practice. Because we not only have to change your conscious thoughts, but to effect real change, we have to change your subconscious thoughts.

This is one of my favorite strategies that I use with my clients when trying to reprogram negative thoughts. First, come up with a phrase you can use whenever you have a negative thought arise. For example:

"Stop & Reset"

Then take a minute to come up with a phrase that is positive to replace what you were about to say or said to yourself.

"My eggs are so old"

"Stop & Reset"

"My eggs are healthy and abundant"

I promise, if you make the effort to do this, it will truly transform your fertility journey. What have you got to lose?

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