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Ready to Have a Baby


Boost your Chances of Getting Pregnant Fast -

but don't know where to start?


The Sprout System is a quick read guide that summarizes effective, research-based strategies to optimize your fertility   


Now only $37!

Are you ready to have a baby and want to
Lock in this low price today!  The price will be going up soon!



For many, it’s an exciting time...

However, if it doesn’t come instantaneously...


 Worry, stress and fear begin to seep in

and you feel a loss of control


Imagine you could regain that control + confidence knowing you are doing everything in your power to maximize your chances of getting pregnant?


... and all it would take is 15 minutes!

No more wasting time, energy, and money sifting through information on Google, reading through fertility forums, or purchasing a gazillion fertility products that don’t work     


Are you ready to hit the ground running and achieve your dreams of becoming a mother as fast as possible?


(Um, OF COURSE you are!)



The Sprout System is the exact system I use for ALL of my clients to optimize their fertility + reduce stress

You'll learn how to time things so you are confident you and your partner are “doing it right!”

You'll learn the best exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, and environmental recommendations to boost your chances of conception and support a healthy pregnancy

You'll learn how to identify stress management tools that will work for your lifestyle and maintain a positive fertile mindset through your fertility journey and beyond


Chances are when you told your OBGYN you were ready to have a baby, she probably gave you a thumbs up, made sure you were taking prenatals, and sent you on your way telling you to return in 6 months - 1 year (depending on your age) if you weren't pregnant yet.  

You try for a month or two with no luck.  Now what?  You just have to keep trying and waiting?


There must be more to the story. 


You innocently google “how to get pregnant fast” but so much information pops up that it’s overwhelming and you go down a dark rabbit hole...


Should you be buying a fertility tracker...fertility supplement blends...or have sex in certain positions? 


There is a lot of info to go through … and what actually works? 


You don’t have time for this!  You just want someone to tell you what to do.

Well, imagine if you could flip through a guide in 15 minutes and know the exact research-based methods you need to follow to boost your odds of success? 


 Your job would be to simply focus on enjoying the process (wink wink, nudge nudge)

I have done all of the heavy lifting & research for you, my friend!

So...why listen to me?

Hi!  I'm Smita Parikh, Founder of The Fertility Advisor.  I have an MD from Tufts School of Medicine, and completed a fellowship in how to activate and engage patients in their own healthcare.


I've been in your shoes. When I was ready to have a baby and it didn't happen right away, I panicked and spent hours scouring the internet, reading books, and trying everything under the sun to get pregnant - from making fertility smoothies, to tossing out my personal care and cleaning products, to balancing yin and yang energies to bring a baby into this world.  You name it, I tried it.


Once I refocused and put my medical/scientist hat back on, I ended up finding some amazing and incredibly useful information.  As a fertility coach, I hear the same thing over and over “Dr. Parikh I trust you – just tell me what to do and what to take.” So, I compiled all of the information, research, and strategies that will boost your chances of conception and summarized them into a simple and easy to digest, quick read guide, The Sprout System.    


Untitled design (1) copy 2.png
Untitled design (1) copy 2.png

Timing is everything! You'll learn the easiest way to determine when you are ovulating so that your egg and your partner's sperm can rendezvous and make a baby!  No temperature taking or cervical mucous examining required!

Supplements are important for supporting a healthy pregnancy, reducing inflammation, and improving egg quality, but the information out there is SO confusing.  The Sprout System includes a Fertility Supplement Plan that is effective + easy to follow.  I promise, you won't be taking handfuls of pills, 5x a day!

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Exercise and nutrition can enhance your fertility but there is conflicting information out there.  The Sprout System reviews the science behind what is effective and provides a simple to follow regimen for conception, pregnancy, and beyond.  No gross fertility smoothies or concoctions needed!

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There are lifestyle and environmental factors that many are not aware of that can reduce your chances of conceiving easily. The Sprout System outlines what these are and teaches you how to manage those factors so they don't hinder your chances of getting pregnant.  

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Stress also plays a huge role in our bodies ability to conceive.  The Sprout System helps you identify stress managements tools and shows you how to maintain a positive fertile mindset through your fertility journey.

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You will also receive a checklist (so you know you've covered everything!) + a resource guide with links to recommended products so you don't have to do ANY research on your own.


The Sprout System 


Research based + Unbiased + Easy to Implement

Grab The Sprout System today...


Now only $37!

Are you ready to have a baby and want to
Lock in this low price today!  The price will be going up soon!


Q:  I thought my OBGYN already told me everything there is to know...what am I missing?

A:  Doctor's would love to have the time to review this information with you but their focus is on medicine and treating patients.  There is SO much more you can do to optimize your chances of getting pregnant and this guide covers all of the information that has been studied in clinical trials and shown promising effects on fertility outcomes.  Nothing is anecdotal - it's all evidence based.

Q:  Is there a guarantee that doing this will help me get pregnant?

A:  Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that you will get pregnant. But, if you implement all of the strategies outlined in this guide, you will be boosting your odds of success and preparing your body/mind for conception, pregnancy, and beyond. Even if you go on to require medical treatments such as IUI or IVF, these recommendations will still be helpful for enhancing those treatments as well. 

Q:  How will this guide help me?

A:  I consider this to be all of the necessary information you need to essentially prepare your garden for plantings (hence the name, The Sprout System).  All of these recommendations will serve you and your health long term.  You can rest assured that everything you need to know is in here and you won't have to waste your time doing your own research or spending money on products that are ineffective.

Q: What if I am considering IVF...will these things work?

A: Yes!  All of these strategies can be implemented for IUI or IVF.  In fact, many can improve your odds of success with those procedures as well.

Q:  When do I get the quick read guide?

A:  As soon as you pay for it, you will receive an email with a link to download it instantly!

Q:  Does The Sprout System require me to buy a bunch of other expensive products?

A:  There are some recommendations for products to purchase such as supplements or ovulation kits (but all of them are inexpensive and easy to find at multiple retailers).

Q: Should I just wait and see if I get pregnant until my doctor told me to see her again?

A: Sure. But if you are feeling impatient and want to optimize your fertility from the start then implementing these strategies will help you achieve your goals faster, instead of just waiting to see what happens.

Q:  Can't I just find all of this information online?

A:  Yes, you can.  But this specific information is all over the place and most of it has been compiled from research studies.  You would need to go through, search, and interpret all of the relevant data from numerous medical journals (some of which you may not have access to).  The Spout System has compiled everything you need to know in one place.  Nothing is included if it hasn't been studied or tested.  

Q:  What if I am too busy to find time to do this?

A:  That's exactly why I created this!  It's meant for busy women.  All it takes is 15 minute total to go though this information!  You can get it done while you're sitting on the toilet!

Q:  Can I buy this, read it, and then ask for a refund?

A:  Due to the digital nature of this product (and the fact that you could consume it in 15 minutes) we do not offer refunds.


The Sprout System is for ANY woman who wants to conceive,
no matter where she is on her fertility journey

Anyone who might be thinking of or is about to start trying for a baby and wants to know the best way to prepare.

You have been trying for a few months but with no luck and your doctor said to keep trying but you’re getting frustrated.

You have been offered IUI or IVF but you want to make sure you have exhausted other options before undergoing those expensive treatments. 


Grab your digital copy of The Sprout System here

Check your inbox for a link to download the guide so you can get started right away

Read through the guide and checklists

Start implementing The Sprout System strategies 

Go on to have a healthy + beautiful baby



Untitled design (1) copy 4.png

The Quick Read Guide... get up to speed fast on fertility boosting strategies!

Untitled design (1) copy 4.png

Stress & Fertile Mindset Worksheets... identify stress reduction tools & keep you positive!

Untitled design (1) copy 2.png

The Sprout Checklists... take the guesswork out of what you need so you don't miss a thing!

Untitled design (1) copy 4.png

The Sprout Resource Guide... simplify shopping and help you minimize decision making! 

"Wow...that's A TON of stuff for just $37!!! For real?!"

Yup.  The Sprout System is worth ten or even twenty times what I am charging.

But, my goal was to make this a no brainer price for you because I know that every woman who is considering having a baby would benefit greatly from this information. 

I learned this the hard way so you don't have to.

I want you to get started TODAY and I have priced it so you don't have to think about it...


You can just grab it and go!

Imagine how good it would feel to have just spent 15 minutes of your time learning exactly what you need to know to maximize your fertility and chances of conception. 


You wouldn’t have to keep wondering if there was more you should be doing and you could focus on taking care of your health, enjoying your partner, and envisioning your family becoming a reality.

Don’t waste another minute of your time trying to figure this all out on your own.


This offer will only be available for a limited time and then the price will be increasing so act now! 


Now only $37!

Are you ready to have a baby and want to

Grab The Sprout System today...

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